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Speaker: Bishop Chester M. Wright

image Chester M. Wright is the Bishop of Antioch, the Apostolic Church located in Arnold, Maryland. Antioch was founded in 1970 and currently has three congregations. Through over 40 years of ministry, Bishop Wright has served as District Sunday School Secretary, District Sunday School Director, District Home Missions Director, Regional Home Missions Director, Sectional Presbyter, Co-Chairman of Global Conquest and Global Vision, District Revival Coordinator, and Chairman of Focus-DC. He served as MD/DC District Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International for 18 years and is now a honorary MD/DC District Board Member and a Honorary UPCI General Board Member.

Welcome to Bishop Wright's video teaching series "Praying in the Spirit". The following twenty two lessons are 'part one' of this series and will deal with "Learning to Pray in the Spirit".

Subjects addressed in this series:

We Must First Receive The Holy Ghost To Speak In Tongues

What Meaneth This?

What Were Those Speaking In Tongues Saying?

Understanding That Speaking In Tongues Is A Manifestation Of The Spirit

Speaking In Tongues Is The Only Common Sign Of The Holy Ghost In The Book Of Acts 

The Difference Between Speaking In Tongues And Having The Gift Of Tongues 

The Source Of The Flow Of The Spirit In Us

We Are Instructed To Pray In The Spirit

Bishop Wright's Personal Testimony 

Biblically Speaking In Tongues Is A Spiritual Experience

What Hinders Our Liberty? 

Praying With Jesus In His Ministry Of Intercessory Prayer

Praying In The Holy Ghost Edifies Us

Praying In The Spirit Bypasses The Intellect

Praying In Secret

Bridled Tongue, Bridled Body

Praying In The Spirit Prays In The Arena Of Spiritual Warfare

The Necessity Of Outflow

The Collective Flows